Why Consign your Used Curriculum with us?


Education Jump-Off has been buying and selling used curriculum for eleven years. We obtain 40% of funds raised on materials up to $50.00 and 30% on materials raised over $50.00. This allows our clients to obtain more funds back on more expensive items.

Education Jump-Off clients often thank us for this service for two reasons. One they do not have the time it takes to sell their materials or two they feel they lack in the knowledge to do so.

              How Do i consign my materials?


First we suggest that our clients, download the contract from the documents page, for viewing before the actual process starts. Once the contract has been viewed contact us with any and all questions. Next we ask that our clients make a list of all the materials to be consigned for their personal records. Record the title of the book along with the edition if applicable, catalog number and condition. Condition includes any and all markings, water stains, tears etc... Scan or obtain a copy of the recorded materials and email them to You will recieve a confirmation email letting you know the list has been recieved. Education Jump-Off with review the list for the materials which are deemed the most marketable. When this process is completed an email we be sent notifying the client of the materials they are able to consign.

From our years of experience Education Jump-Off's personal have learned which materials will sell and which will not saving our clients the hardship of waiting for materials to sell. Due to the frequent revisions made to ABeka and Bob Jones, only full sets can be consigned. For instance the science teacher's edition, student edition and any and all consumables.

                                    Yes, There is a Contract



The contract includes the above mentioned terms along with the following. Materials are consigned for one year, clients will be notified a week before the materials are to be claimed, if they are not claimed on or by the designated time materials become the property of Education Jump-Off. Education Jump-Off is not responsible for the loss or damage of materials due to an act of God, such as hurricane, flooding, fire etc.... 

          I don't live in Louisiana, can i still consign?


Contained within the contract is also a section for those who which to consign their materials from outside of the state of Louisiana. The terms are the same with a few differences such as shipping terms and terms for re-claiming unsold materials.

We realize that sometimes life just happens, we are willing to work with our clients when such issues arise to the best of our ability.

                              When do i get my money?


Education Jump-Off respects the needs of our clients, this is why they set the terms for when funds are recieved. Feel free to contact us when your needs change, however, there is a minimum of $25.00.