My name is Joyce Wheeler. I live in the Tangipahoa Parish in Louisiana with my husband and 3 blessings. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL where I lived until August 28, 2005. I was previously married to the man of my children who went to be with the Lord February 20, 2004. I met my new husband on a Christian singles board in April 2005, and we married September 4, 2005. I know it was quick, but we know God intended for us to be together and living 10 hours apart was hard.

I love God, being with my family and friends, helping others, crafting, cooking and baking from scratch, growing my own food, exercising, writing, worshiping the Lord through music, being outside, hiking, fishing, camping, shooting, archery and learning.

My personal motto is never stop learning.

My goal is to be the person God created me to be and to aid in the education of the world's greatest natural resource, the children.

                                              some History


I homeschooled my children since 1997, and put them into school when we moved to Tennessee. I started selling and buying used curriculum in 1999 while I was homeschooling my children, selling items I knew I wouldn't use and buying what I needed for the next year. My first husband became disabled in 2001 and I started taking in used curriculum on consignment for others and selling on the internet. I also would locate used items for others.

 In Chicago I was in a leadership position with my homeschool support group for 2 years, headed our enrichment/co-op program for 2 years and was a certified Kindermusik instructor for 3 years. In AWANA I was in leadership with the Sparks.  I was also active with VBS both while in Chicago and Tennessee and was the director for 2 years in Tennessee along with leading worship. For almost 2 years my husband and I lead Wednesday worship with him on guitar and my self on vocals.

                                   All about education


During 2005 my husband talked me into going back to school. Years ago I had started to earn my associates in business and never finished. While I believe in being self taught, I decided that one day I might need to prove to someone that I actually have a brain. So, in February of 2006 I went back to school online in case my children needed me I would be there for them. Because I had been out of school so long the school suggested I take one class at a time and earn my degree in three years instead of two.

While I was in the middle of my second year my boys came to me and said they no longer wished to be in public school and asked to be home schooled again. I wanted them home it was hard sticking them on that school bus, I was not sure I could school them and myself but they came home. It was during this time I introduced them to self education and let them know if they needed any help I was there. They did their work I did mine,  there were some subjects we all did together and other subjects one on one.

My daughter finished out her high school years in public school and graduated in 2009.

We continue this today, while I want to furhter my education for the purpose of a piece of paper I am waiting to pay off my first round of student loans.