Everything related to history for pre-k through Jr High can be found here.

     History Sites covering various time periods                    


Mr Donn Is a great site for lesson plans, worksheets and more with links for K-12.

School History  downloads, online lesson , interactive games and quizzes for ages 4-18.


                   Suggestions for books and crafts for various time periods

Interactive History Adventure includes various titles of books from where children get to make choices through out the book. 

Hyper History Online 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of history interactive site very extensive. Not a site for younger children.

Best of History Web Sites offers links to various web sites, lesson plans, games and much  more. A very extensive site which can take a day to explore if not more.

Social Studies for kids is a site of great information with links to other sites, I love the book review section for ages 4-18.

History in the Headlines uses headlines to aid in teaching about history from the History Channel for independent learning or information.

From the Discovery Channel you will find topics for any topic of history.



            Report resources for various countries

Country Reports has everything you need to know about the history of a country and more.