Message Boards                     Used Curriculum

Homeschool Reviews contains a message board along with reviews for various curriculum by subject.

The Well-Trained Mind Forums is a site for those utilizing the classical homeschool approach.Includes a forum for special needs, accelerated learners and more.

The Homeschool Library contains reviews of homeschool curriculum along with forums for discussions.

The Homeschool Lounge includes reviews, forums, chats and more. Free registration is required to participate.

Christian Homeschool Hub Register for free to join with other homeschoolers in this wonderful adventure.

Homeschool Christian another site that requires reregistration. Includes various message boards for homeschoolers plus special needs and used curriculum.  



Homeschool Classifieds I love this site because it contains a search engine making searching so much easier. However, this site is easy to navigate naturally.

1001 Books Yahoo group buy and sell

A-Z Classifieds Yahoo group buy and sell

The Homeschool Mom Used Curriculum Yahoo group buy and sell.

                                             Helpful Sites

Open Directory has links to curriculum web sites, learning styles and so much more. This is one of the  most extensive list of links of seen.

Design Your Homeschooling aids homeschoolers in the way in which they choose to educate their children from choosing the method to the curriculum. I like this site because it is one of the fee that discuss the Thomas Jefferson method for homeschooling.

Homeschool Diner love the name, this web site is serving up homeschool advise and more. With help for homeschooling high school, special needs, military and more.

Homeschool World A great site for general homeschool information.

Great Schools has various articles full of suggestions and help for educating Pre-K through High School.

Child Development Institute contains helpful articles on the development and behavior of children including special needs. 

Mom if Forward is a great site for woman with a lot of thought provoking articles. has great resources for all grade levels, articles, worksheets, activities and more.

Teaching your Child to Write has helpful tips for teaching writing. Includes tips for teaching left handed children as well.

A Homeschool Review Yahoo group, want to know about a specific curriculum go here to ask questions and share your knowledge with others.