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Welcome to the wonderful adventure of homeschooling. We have all been at the beginning of this adventure and even though our family has been homeschooling since 1997 it still can get overwhelming at times. Here you will find some helpful links to aid in answering the many questions you have.

The first thing new homeschoolers need to do is learn about the laws in their state, laws vary from state to state. HSLDA in the links section below is the best place to obtain this important information.

An encouraging word; Through a few of these links you will be able to search for a homeschool support group, I highly encourage you to do so and visit one of their meetings. You can also search for homeschool conventions/conferences, this is a great place to get information especially the big ones. There are workshops, see if one in your area has one geared towards new homeschoolers, there are also vendors present allowing you to browse various curriculum and products.

Why join a homeschool support group? Because they can keep you informed about any changes in the law which would effect homeschoolers in you state. They are a great resource of information and many offer trips, co-ops and other activities allowing you and your child/children to interact with others of like mind.

Another great source at this point is homeschool message boards and e-groups. These are places homeschoolers gather to share information, they love helping the newbies.

Be sure to check the homeschooling tab for more resources.

                                            helpful links


HSLDA one of the best resources for homeschoolers.

A to Z Homes Cool another great resources full of information on teaching methods, learning styles, support groups by state, message boards and e-groups and much much more. Be sure to grab your favorite beverage before heading over to this site.

Homeschool Curriculum Advisor is a great place to find more information about curriculum and how to choose.


Fine Homeschooling is a great site to visit when you have those questions of can I do this? Now that I know I can what's next?

Homeschool Skills I feel this blog belongs here due to the brief mention of method, but more so due to certain topics discussed such as homeschooling with little ones.

Home Hearts is a blog that will help you think about your decision to homeschool along with addressing some of your concerns.

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