Special Needs



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 A to Z Homes Cool Homeschooling has a list of links for online support.

Digital Wish has lesson plans which utilizes digital materials for special needs, autism, dyslexia and more. Pre-k through 12.

Individualized education printable plan for special needs learners.

Dyslexia Resource Reading includes sight words, videos along with various activities, games and more.

The Dyslexia Solution get questions answered along with help in educating those diagnosed. 

Great Schools has multiple articles on various special needs.

Steps4Kids has a variety of articles geared towards teaching children with special needs along with helpful forms. 

Special Needs Homeschooling consists of blogs on various special needs, check the category list for various topics. Be sure to check out the learning resource tab also.

Accepting and Embracing Autism if you think your child might have Autism or know they do this is a blog you want to visit, very extensive.

Brighton Park is a blog which is currently in the process of writing a series of blogs geared towards special needs. Katie currently homeschools her two twins who are special needs children.