Web sites for lesson plans, online learning or just plain fun!!







The Incredible Art Department contains lesson plans, interactive games and more. Links to other sites. K-12

NGA National Gallery of Art offers a nice selection of interactive art games along with educational materials.

The Kennedy Center Arts Edge search their data base for lesson plans geared towards any one of the arts along with sub-subject K-12.

Play Music is a fun interactive site for all ages to indulge in this wonderful art while learning.


 Arts Alive offers a variety of online resources for music, dance and theater with a teacher's section.

Classics for Kids contains online games, lesson plans and more.

Essentials of Music includes a glossary, eras and composers.

Pioneer Drama Service offers various materials to purchase for theater.

Geometrip offers free geometric images to print and color.

Christian Skit Scripts offer free skits for high school students great for youth or co-op.

Awesome Artist is a great site to use for teaching younger students about art, includes a section for teaching kids how to take care of their supplies. 

Hot Chalk Lesson Plans Page has a great selection of lesson plans for music for K through high school.