web design


                                                                                              Here you will find various sites which

can be used for designing a web site. 










                 Graphics                                             Coding

Free Graphics Contains not only free graphics, but lots of links for learning about codes and designing a web page.   

CoolArchive has taken some of the best graphics on the web and put them in one spot.

All Free Clipart has over 30.000 images for free.

Classroom Clipart has a great selection of clipart geared towards education.

Loeser Consulting has links to sites with clipart, also includes lesson plans and power point templates.

Lisa Explains all a kid friendly site for HTML, cursors, forums and more.

Free Hit Counter chose your own style many to chose from.

WebAppears has tools for creating your web site.


Planning your Site Brainstorming offers a worksheet for those who have an idea for a site or would like to build a web site and are not sure what it will be.