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It is time to get rid of some things we have not used for awhile or are just done with. Also some items were purchased and not used at all or briefly. I accept Paypal and or Money Ordres only if postage paid items will ship media mail please allow up to two weeks for delivery. I also suggest you purchase insurance I will not be responisble for any lost items. Note: I have been buying and selling online for twelve years and lost only one package however, it is enough to encourage the purchase of insurance.  Please feel free to contact me at with any questions, thank you for looking.

Please do not be afraid to make me a reasonable offer. 

     All materials are from a smoke & pet free home


Total Language Plus The Hobbit guide in excellent condition. I have to say we enjoyed this because it explained a lot of things which occured in The Lord of the Rings, the book that is. $15.00 ppd for grades 6-8.

Total Language Plus The Swiss Family Robinson 9th like new used once $17.00 ppd

Total Language Plus The High King 9th never used $17.00 ppd.

English From the Roots Up guide and flashcards this was another great resource that the boys and I enjoyed. I purchased it used, the cover has some mess on it like something got stuck to it and the box for the flashcards has a corner on the bottom and top which are taped. Asking $20.00 ppd for the set, will sell seperately.

Rod & Staff English 6th Progressing With Courage SE & TE $25.00 ppd TE excellent condition SE is fair no writing or marks but dirt smudges on the edges of the outside pages if that makes sense. This was our first year using this and let me just say it is the most thorough English text I have seen however, it moves a little fast.     


 Rummy Roots English Vocabulary Game ages 8-adult includes original plastic package and has instructions $12.00 ppd.

Alpha Omega Bible TE 6th & 8th excellent condition bottom corner is slightly bent from being on the shelf $7.00.

Alpha Omega History & Geography TE 8 same as above. This was the first year we used this and the boys did not like it at all. However I like that it involves reading comprehension which is important during test taking.

Great Science Adventure The World of Space by Dinah Zike K-8 I used some of this with one of the boys and it sat for too many years on the shelf. You can tell by how bent the bottom corner is, I really need to to start laying my paper backs flat down for a better re-sell price $10.00.

Big Book of Books and Activities by Dinah Zike while this one has some bending in the corners from shelf life it is not as sad as some of the others $10.00 ppd.


 For Instruction in Righteousness by Pam Forster K-12 was a great find at a homeschool conference I attended. This is a great book for not only guideance and Biblical behavior, but we also used it as a Bible study. Once again we have the issue with the spiral bound paper book suffering from to much time on the shelf syndrome, which resluts on bottom of the corner becoming bent. $17.00 ppd.

Vocabulary From Classical Roots 6 teacher's guide/answer key & SE ages 9-12. First page in SE is done and the students name is on the inside cover other than that both books are in excellent condition. This was one purchase I was thrilled about until we went to use it $10.00.

Vocabulary From Classical Roots B teacher's guide/answer key & SE 8th grade. Never used, but some shelf sitting bends on the bottom corner by the binding $7.00

Teaching Textbooks Pre-algebra set $90.00 no writing bought used good condition.

Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra CDs 2.0 excellent condition $130 ppd                                   

Konos History of the World Year 1 The Ancient World student, teacher, and timeline figures. The time line figures have never been used, but there is some bending from being on the shelf. I change the position so no creases will appear $75 plus shipping.

Horizons Math 6 teacher's guide shows a little wear $25 plus shipping

Horizons Math 6 student book 2 never used $15 plus shipping, feel free to make an offer on the set.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd edition, student, solutions & tests, extra test, never used, and multimedia CD never used $80 ppd.